Local May 24, 2022 | 10:26 am

5 gunmen stage a movie style heist

Santo Domingo.- Hooded individuals wearing bulletproof vests and heavily armed robbed a propane gas station in Santo Domingo Este, in an event recorded yesterday that looks like a scene from an action movie.

Through a video of three minutes and five seconds, it can be seen how six assailants, three of them with handguns and the other two with long arms, dismount from a gray van and enter the station located on Terminal Esso street, in the Los Mameyes sector.

Upon entering the business, two of the criminals fire their weapons, while two others pounce on those present there, including the security guard of the place, one remains guarding the access door and the driver remains inside the truck.

In the video you can also see how a group of people who shared in a business in front of the LPG station flee in terror when they notice the presence of the armed commando.

Although the video is dated 05/21/2022, that is, last Saturday, the assault occurred yesterday.

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