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How Dominicans will celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday

Family. The most special gift for mothers is to share every day with their loved ones.

Santo Domingo, DR
With a shower of gifts, good wishes, congratulations, and emotional messages, the arrival of the traditional celebration of Mother’s Day in the Dominican Republic are evident, where the most general intention is to pamper the protagonist of this event.

“Spending time with my mother is the priority, even though I work, but I will go to eat with her and I will bring her a little present,” said Luis Alfredo Espinal.

Although some choose to take this holiday to rest, most Dominicans will spend the celebration in the company of their mothers and other members of their families doing activities that make them feel like the absolute owner of the day.

“I prepared a breakfast tray for her and brought her a bouquet of orchids (…) In addition, we will buy her food to share as a family so that she does not have to cook, and the same for my mother-in-law. So I split the day up, I spent the morning here with mommy, and in the afternoon I go to my mother-in-law”, says Marleng Perez, who took the opportunity to dedicate a few words to her mother, expressing that “she is the best mother she could have had.”

Another factor that influences the good spirits of the Dominicans, despite the developing economic crisis the world is going through, is that this 2022 a more liberal climate is perceived.

This is due to the fact that this year families will be able to enjoy the short holiday without the restrictions that were imposed in the two previous years as a preventive measure against the spread of the coronavirus.

Commercial dynamism

As every last Sunday of May, the shopping centers and the streets of the capital city become more dynamic on the occasion of the celebration of Dominican mothers.

The deserted shelves inside the busiest stores promise that children will please their mothers with the traditional gifts of glassware and household utensils during this Mother’s Day, such as plates, glasses, cups, spoons, and canteens.

“I prepared her little present for her yesterday. A set of coffee cups, because that’s what she wanted,” said Enrique Manzanillo.

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