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Covid symptoms: Itchy throat, vomiting and headache

The new variants have different symptoms.

Santo Domingo, DR
Different clinical symptoms have been added or associated with Covid-19 infection as time goes by and new variants emerge. At present, patients complain primarily of an itchy throat, severe headache, lack of appetite, and in some cases, vomiting and dizziness.

These manifestations have been added to the original picture of the virus, which in its beginnings in 2020, was more linked to a respiratory disease, where fever, dry cough, and respiratory difficulty prevailed, followed later by other symptoms such as loss of taste and smell, tiredness, nasal congestion and back pain.

Dr. Eddy Perez Then, advisor to the Ministry of Public Health on Covid-19 matters, said that as new variants have emerged, new symptoms are associated with the virus and recalled that when the ancestral strain was passed to the gamma and delta variants, other symptoms, including gastric type, were presented.

“Now with these omicron subvariants, people are complaining more about stinging in the throat, which they did not complain about so often before, and some say that the headache is stronger and vomiting,” said the renowned researcher, pointing out that all this is anecdotal because in the country there has not been a study of the current profile of the symptomatology of Covid-19.

“At this stage,” he added, “we do not have that profile, but we do have some different symptoms, but fortunately they are mild symptoms that do not require hospital admission.”

Natural history
Dr. Perez Then understands that these milder symptoms make them think that these subvariants of omicron are not as worrying as what happened with other strains, such as delta and that it seems that the virus is taking its natural course of lessening lethality, as it always happens.

He reminded us that as time goes by, the Covid-19 virus becomes less lethal; besides, more people are vaccinated, and others have had it several times, so it is a different scenario from the beginning, making conditions more challenging for the virus to reproduce.

He informed that research is currently being carried out in the country on the effectiveness of some experimental treatments that can reduce the time of positivity of the patient, from five to three days, so that they can be integrated to work more quickly.

Nasal congestion
In May 2021, information from infection specialists reported that, although symptoms vary from person to person, among patients with the Covid-19 virus, nasal congestion and discomfort in the throat were frequently observed, like those who want to swallow but cannot, as well as fever and, in a few cases, loss of smell.

In December 2020, affected patients spoke of symptoms, and signs that added to fever, dry cough, and respiratory distress were the predominant symptomologies.

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