Local June 6, 2022 | 11:57 am

Minister of Environment Orlando Jorge Mera killed in his office.

Orlando Jorge Mera, Minister of the Environment. File photo.

  • The gunman reportedly entered the Environment building
  • Gunman -who is still in the building- was known to Jorge
  • “More” fatalities
  • More info as available

Santo Domingo, D.R.
The Minister of the Environment, Orlando Jorge Mera, died after being shot in his offices.

Ministry personnel was removed from the place, and ambulances and police arrived.

According to information, an armed person known to Mera entered the office, and a shot was heard.

Orlando Jorge Mera was appointed Minister of Environment in August 2020 by President Luis Abinader.

After his designation he said that his mission was to work for proper environmental management and compliance with the Constitution and laws attached to transparency and public ethics.

“In our management we will work for the responsible use of natural resources, the protection and conservation of ecosystems, the reduction of pollution, and the effective management of solid waste,” explained Jorge Mera.


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