Health June 10, 2022 | 7:56 am

Dominican Republic Gov. could lose US$36M in expired doses

Santo Domingo.- The million dollars if before July 31 the three million vaccines from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer that are about to expire are not used.

The calculation is deducted from the unit cost of 12 dollars at which each dose was contracted.

It would not be the first time that the Dominican State marks a deficit due to the uselessness of these biological materials.

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miro jereb
June 10, 2022 8:24 am

Still better than beeing short of. You allways loose some and win some.

Mr. Sensible
June 10, 2022 4:52 pm

Bernie Sierra will take them off your hands!

Felix Arroyo
June 11, 2022 12:22 am

The natives are stupid. COVID-19 is gaining ground again and the ignorant natives are missing an opportunity to save their lives. You really don’t want to end up in an emergency room in the Dario Contreras or Moscoso Puello! You will pick a bacteria or virus (like pneumonia) that will kill you!

Peter Harris
June 14, 2022 3:22 pm

Would it not make sense to send them to Haiti ?