Health June 14, 2022 | 2:44 pm

Covid continues to increase in the capital, Cibao and Baní

The number of people looking for a Covid test has grown this month.

More than 600 positive coronavirus cases were registered yesterday in the National District and the Santo Domingo province.

Santo Domingo, DR

Yesterday, the country reported two new deaths from Covid-19, bringing the official records of deaths caused by the disease in the country to 4,382 during the pandemic.

Yesterday, 896 new positive cases reported in the last 24 hours also entered the epidemiological surveillance system, bringing the total number of active virus cases registered in the country to 3,514.

Greater Santo Domingo registers the highest number of new infections, contributing 602 cases of the 896 reported, followed by the province of Santiago with 67 new cases and Peravia with 59.

The new infections were detected in 8,000 laboratory samples processed.

The daily positivity of the samples analyzed in the country was 18.40% yesterday, and that of the last four weeks was established at 8.87%, according to data from the epidemiological bulletin number 816 issued yesterday by the Ministry of Public Health.

The total number of confirmed cases with the virus that the country accumulates is 592,578, of which 584,682 are listed as recovered.

Among the positive diagnoses, 70,923 cases have been detected in children under 20, 1,885 in pregnant women, and 2,332 in health workers.

Currently, 3,411,051 samples have been processed in public and private laboratories to confirm or rule out the virus, equivalent to 326,463 samples per million inhabitants.

192 hospitalized
The country reports 192 patients hospitalized in general isolation rooms and 19 in critical care units, of which two are connected to ventilation.

The occupation of beds in the Covid-19 Hospital Network, which includes public and private centers, is 8.1% in regular beds, 3.2% in Intensive Care Units (ICU), and 0.4% in ventilators enabled for care for patients with the disease.

The lethality of the country by Covid-19 is 0.74%.

According to the epidemiological bulletins provided by the Ministry of Public Health, the second week of June maintained an upward trend in coronavirus infections and hospitalizations, according to the epidemiological bulletins provided by the Ministry of Public Health, with a total of 4,104 cases.

Of these, 1,217 correspond to young people under 20 years of age, for 30% of the cases registered until Sunday.

In the epidemiological bulletin 809 released on Monday 6, the total number of positive cases was 587,578; yesterday, they increased to 592,578, raising positivity from 14.35% to 18.40%.

Trudeau infected

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tested positive for Covid-19 for the second time, just a few days after meeting in person with President Joe Biden.

Trudeau said he feels fine, and that’s because he’s vaccinated.

He tested positive after meeting with Biden and other leaders at the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles. Biden took a “family photo” with Trudeau and met him on Thursday. In January, he was positive with his wife.

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Felix Arroyo
June 14, 2022 9:40 pm

People, please get the second booster, wear mask, avoid unnecessary meetings, and wash your hands and face!