Local June 23, 2022 | 4:06 pm

Onamet forecasts hot weather, Sahara dust and showers this Thursday

Citizens consume refreshing drinks, such as the famous "cold cold", in the face of the heat wave that affects the country. bald albert

Santo Domingo.- The National Meteorological Office (Onamet) reported this Thursday that the effects of a trough would leave rains towards the country’s interior; we will have opaque skies and scattered clouds due to dust from the Sahara, while temperatures will continue to be hot.

Meteorology predicted that these precipitations will be more evident towards the northeast, southeast, northwest, Central Cordillera, and the border area, extending until the early hours of the night.

The governing body of the climate recommended the population to stay hydrated, wear light clothes, preferably light colors and avoid direct exposure to the sun’s rays without proper protection as far as possible for prolonged periods, between eleven in the morning and five in the afternoon.

The Onamet reminded us to pay more attention to children and older adults more susceptible to high temperatures.

For tomorrow Friday, some showers and possible thunderstorms are expected from dawn and early morning hours in isolated sectors of the Caribbean coastline and the northeast due to wind effects; in the afternoon, the trough will continue to affect the weather, causing favorable conditions to generate cloudy with downpours, thunderstorms, and gusts of wind over the northeast, southeast, Central Cordillera and the border area. These showers are expected to last until early evening.

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