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They warn they will not open businesses closed for selling counterfeit alcoholic beverages

SAN FRANCISCO DE MACORIS. – The executive director of the National Institute for the Protection of Consumer Rights (Pro Consumidor), Eddy Alcántara, declared here that this institution will not open the businesses that were closed for selling adulterated alcoholic beverages, since hundreds of people died due to this illegal and criminal practice. of Dominicans.

Alcántara indicated that one of the successes that the government has had in the fight against counterfeit alcohol is the fact that businesses that were flagrantly caught have not been allowed to carry out their operations again.

He recalled that in the Duarte province several clandestine factories were dismantled and businesses were closed for the commercialization of this type of beverage, for which he said he will not allow “under any circumstances that any business be reopened that threatens the life and health of citizens. ”.

The executive director of Pro Consumidor, Eddy Alcántara, speaks in the talk he gave in San Francisco de Macorís.

The head of the entity that defends consumer rights, who gave a talk at the City Hall of this city about the actions that Pro Consumidor has implemented to confront this and other scourges, stated that some owners of these businesses personally or by mediation have asked that institution to reopen them, “and it has been denied until the Public Ministry finishes the investigation process.”

He also pointed out that the fight in this province has continued since the moment the first suspected case was detected and that the sanction process began and inspection operations have been extended throughout the national territory.

“We will continue with the operations until we definitively eradicate this scourge,” he asserted.

He pointed out that according to investigations, this practice had been going on for a long time and in old administrations they never bothered to face this scourge responsibly.

“We will not authorize the reopening of any of the businesses closed for the sale of adulterated alcoholic beverages,” he stressed.

Eddy Alcántara maintained in that order, that the investigation carried out by the Public Ministry on each of the cases in particular must be awaited.

He explained that as soon as Pro Consumidor orders the closure of an establishment and applies the sanctioning measures, it immediately transmits the file to the persecuting body so that it can carry out the process and submit it to justice in search of an exemplary sanction.

He also stated that this institution has sent dozens of cases to the Public Ministry hoping that those responsible for the commercialization of these products will be severely sanctioned.

“These business owners who have taken the lives of hundreds of Dominicans for this illicit practice cannot receive benevolence or complacency from the authorities that combat this scourge,” he finally indicated.

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