Local June 27, 2022 | 11:35 am

Dominican court declares a fugitive in ‘Octopus’ case

A. Medina

Santo Domingo.- The judge of the Seventh Investigating Court of the National District, Deiby Timoteo Peguero declares Paola Molina Suazo, implicated in the “Octopus” case file, in absentia for not appearing at the preliminary hearing.
The magistrate made his decision after accepting a petition from the Justice Ministry, since the accused did not appear in the “Octopus” case, headed by Alexis Medina Sánchez, brother of former President Danilo Medina.
It is the third time that the accused has not appeared in court under the excuse of medical certification, but this time she did not order. In mid-May, the defendant gave birth.
In the accusation of the Public Ministry there are 27 people and 21 companies in the network of the “Octopus” case where it asks to send them to trial because there is evidence that supports the accusations.
The criminal structure consisted of monopolizing the bidding contracts, adjudications, purchases for the companies created and integrated by figureheads to benefit Medina.

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