Local June 27, 2022 | 7:00 am

Dominican Republic major graft case stalls in court

Santo Domingo.- The Justice Ministry ended the investigation into the Anti-Octopus Operation in December 2021, in which it concluded that Juan Alexis Medina Sánchez took advantage of his condition as the brother of then-President Danilo Medina and created a network to siphon funds from the State, however, the judicial process has stalled in the courts.

The investigators deposited the complex file in December, and the first of the preliminary hearings was set for February 7. Since that date, at least five hearings have been agreed in the Seventh Investigating Court of the National District, in which no progress has been made.

At this stage of the process, Judge Deiby Timoteo Peguero is responsible for examining the account of the events presented by the Public Ministry and the evidence presented to support his investigation.
In addition, he must review the legality of the supporting evidence provided by the accused and then decide whether the case is sent to a substantive trial.

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