Local June 29, 2022 | 9:58 am

Insubordination stuns Immigration agency

Santiago.- The General Directorate of Immigration in the North region has been headless for several months, due to the confrontation that its general director Enrique García maintains with the incumbent Dionisio Cruz in this area.
The situation arose after complaints made by Cruz about alleged irregularities, which annoyed García and, for this reason, since October of last year, the North Directorate of Immigration decided to place deputy director Alberto Marte in the position, despite the fact that Cruz has not been replaced.

“I am not suspended, but the director does not want to give me functions after I denounced him and confronted him,” Cruz said when speaking to the newspaper El Caribe by telephone.

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Felix Arroyo
June 29, 2022 10:25 pm

Skirmishes! The real victim is DR. Corruption, irregularities, violations, negligence, abuses, etc. should not persist in this organization which is the only line of defense against an invasion of undocumented people in a small island.