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In Cristo Rey “nobody can go out with a necklace”

Despite the fact that Safe Country began in Cristo Rey, insecurity persists. JOSE A. MALDONADO

“No one can go out with a chain or earrings around here,” said Agustín Reyes, a resident of 45th Street in the sector mentioned above of the capital.

Santo Domingo, DR

 Some residents of Cristo Rey in the capital differ on the citizen security that prevails in the streets of the sector and justifies that the criminal acts are due to the low presence and number of police officers.

When talking with different citizens of the area where the “My Safe Country” program began, they pointed out that the assaults in some parts of the sector have decreased at times; however, they continue to occur due to the low number of agents on the streets.

Another, only identified as Jesús, cataloged the neighborhood as a “pandemonium that must be lived daily” because it is where they have resided for more than 15 years and that they see “the same thing” every day, referring to assaults and other crimes.

“No one can go out with a chain or earrings around here,” said Agustín Reyes, a resident of 45th Street in the sector mentioned above, who alleged that the unscrupulous stalk citizens to strip them of their accessories.

Both recognized that the presence of agents is notorious during the day at some random times, but when “night falls” after six in the evening, it is very different; the absence of patrolling is significant.

Miguel Tavares, a Calle Cuarta de Cristo Libre resident, said that in recent days he had not seen police officers in the area. He explained that although the sector can be classified as “quiet,” unlike others, he has not perceived the presence of law enforcement authorities.

“I haven’t seen the first patrol there; it’s a bit quiet, but let them go in and see,” he said after questioning the absence of police surveillance.

While other residents of the area agreed that the agents are very few for the sector, they also testified that assaults have decreased in some areas.

Where the plan began
In February of this year, Listín Diario toured Cristo Rey, a town located in the National District, where the My Safe Country Plan began, hand in hand with the Ministry of the Interior and Police authorities.

However, eight months after –on February 8, 2022– the launch of this plan, the community was impacted by criminal acts that hit its residents.

Municipalities report assaults with an armed hand in broad daylight, robberies in houses and gagged owners, circulation of prohibited substances, and sexual abuse.

On May 30, Listín Diario recorded that where the “My Safe Country” program has been applied, community members from the Cristo Rey, La Zurza, La Fe, and La Puya neighborhoods affirmed that in these sectors, residents are daily victims of assaults.

June 5, 2021.

The program began in Cristo Rey, as a pilot plan, on June 5, 2021.

February 8, 2022.

Father José Luis Hernández denounced reprisals for confronting delinquency near the church and school in Cristo Rey.

May 26, 2022.

Interior Minister Jesús Vásquez asked for patience in dealing with crime.

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Felix Arroyo
July 1, 2022 7:23 pm

Democracy a form governance that failed to protect the citizenry, continues to exist without anyone challenging its efficiency, its effectiveness, its objectives, and its relevance to where the country wants to be. It is time to judge democracy just like we did with dictatorship: Judge it for its outcome and make it pay for not delivering including firing it. It is time to think of a new type of governance more suited to DR!

July 2, 2022 8:32 am
Reply to  Felix Arroyo


Paul Tierney
July 2, 2022 9:31 am

It is a given for many of the people that when going out in public anywhere with bling there is a risk of theft and/or violence. That is why many don’t display. Cristo Rey is just an example of the fear people have of assaults.