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Thousands of young people crowd in search of work at job fair

Labor authorities reported that they had received more than 1,000 people at the job fair. LEONEL MATOS/LD

Santo Domingo, DR

The manila envelopes and the yellow folders were like luggage full of hope and illusions with which a multitude of young students, graduates, and others, from different professional careers and areas carried yesterday to the “Great Job Fair” held by the Ministry of Labor, headed by Luis Miguel De Camps, through the National Employment Service (Senae), in the National District.

The Juan Isidro Jiménez (JJ) building of the Universidad Autónoma Santo Domingo (UASD), a place that served as the headquarters for job opportunities, was receiving the dreams of all of them since 9:00 in the morning. However, many waited from very early hours, specifically from 5:00 in the morning, like Teófilo Encarnación, who graduated in general medicine.

Sitting under a white tent from which the heat gushed, huddled together and with umbrellas, they waited for the numerical turn and the filling out of the form that would guide them to the classrooms of the more than 15 private companies that were offering some jobs, among including Grupo Barceló, Martí, Macapi, Read, McDonald’s, A&H and Gestión Plus (ARS Futuro) and Open Clean.

Among all the voices and the murmur, what resonated the most was the need they had to get a job to have a livelihood, especially those in general medicine, general dentistry, nursing, and nursing assistant, who were being of the most in-demand vacancies.

Some showed too much will and determination to get a job and were dressed in a certain etiquette, and the main reasons were mainly because they “keep fighting.”

Others have been unable to enter the labor market due to lack of experience requirement, while others are already completing their studies, and some have been unemployed since the confinement began due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

I still can’t get a job.
A group of female dentistry graduates was discussing vacancies at the fair. There was Marielys, 27 years old, who had broken dreams and illusions.

The young woman graduated five years ago and has not yet been able to practice her profession in a dental center, but she took a turn “to see if she left with a job” of the 1,200 vacancies.

“You study your whole life to grow up, to be somebody, and you don’t have a chance. The one who wants to do things well kills himself studying with a lot of sacrifices to make a profession, and when he finishes, he does not get a job and when he does get it it is for a salary that is less than a domestic, literally,” she expressed with disappointment.

In addition, Marielys said that the student community of dentists in the country feels orphaned by the State.

Opportunities to work
Labor market.

Minister De Camps, during his visit to the venue, said that from his direction, they intend to help young people and citizens in general to enter the labor market.

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July 2, 2022 8:12 pm

I feel sad for the dental student but this government wants its young ppl to serve drinks at hotels vs. investing in our future?

Ramon Garcia
July 3, 2022 8:52 am
Reply to  nicholas

How many dentists are working as bartenders?