Local July 12, 2022 | 7:36 am

Dominican Republic inmates were fed rotten food

J.A. Rodriguez

Santo Domingo.- According to the indictment file for the Medusa case, with the consent of former prosecutor Jean Alain Rodríguez and the other officials of the Attorney General’s Office, the accused delivered incomplete, rotten, pestilential food, with worms, that is not suitable for human consumption.

“With the knowledge and deliberate omission of the defendants Jean Alain Rodríguez Sánchez, Jonnathan Joel Rodríguez Imbert, Johannatan Loanders Medina Reyes, Alfredo Alexander Solano Augusto, Rafael Antonio Mercede Marte, Mercedes Camelia Salcedo Disla and Carolina Pimentel Bonifacio, and citizen Rafael Stefano Canó Sacco, the accused Rolando Rafael Sebelén Torres (a) Rafy, César Nicolás Rizik Pimentel, José Miguel Estrada Jackson, Reynaldo De Jesús Santos de la Cruz, Hilda Cristina Jackson Mallol, Juan Asael Martínez Pimentel, Giselle del Carmen Molano Frías, Rossanna Vianela Pimentel De Martínez, Fausto Cáceres Salterio, Francisco Arturo Santos Gómez, Daniel Enrique Vásquez Feliz, Francisco Alberto Vásquez Feliz, Carlos Augusto Guzmán Oliver, José Alberto Abbot Brugal and Rafael Salvador Rasuk Sánchez, delivered incomplete, rotten, stinking food to the different prisons, violating the health chain safety and conservation of food and putting at risk the health of the inmates of the penitentiary facilities, the safety of the personnel at the service of the deprivation of liberty centers, and of the inmates themselves, as will be developed later,” says the filing.. .

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Paul Tierney
July 12, 2022 8:58 am

The delivery of unsanitary food to prisoners must be taken seriously. Do suppliers take government payments with kickback envelopes ready to be filled? Is their thinking the food is for prisoners, the low lifes? So, why be concerned about the quality of the food? It is for prisoners, send them garbage.

Could the former prosecutor be an enabler of this dirty scheme for his own gain?

Prisoners… as bad as they may or may not be deserve humane treatment and decent food. Must they have silver forks to eat good food?

July 12, 2022 9:26 am

Disgusting! No morals, no scruples with these thieves.