Local July 16, 2022 | 12:12 pm

Militarized fuel stations to avoid Haitian avalanche

A tense situation is observed around the fuel stations.

The military high command decided to militarize the two existing fuel stations here, given the avalanche of Haitians crossing the border to get fuel.

Not only have strict control and security measures been taken in the two fuel stations, but also vigilance has been reinforced in all the border strips of this province with Haiti to prevent that antisocial groups try to take advantage of the situation to cross into Dominican territory, according to the commander of the third brigade with seat in San Juan, Colonel Antonio Toribio Castro.

As the demand for gasoline and diesel increases, so does the number of Haitians on motorcycles, cars, vans, and trucks crossing the border through Carrizal to get supplies of these products.

Many Haitians denounced that more than shortages, in their country, there is a mafia that is dedicated to hoard and hiding the fuel that arrives in their country and then selling it on the black market for up to double the actual price.

One of the complainants affirmed that a gallon of gasoline is being sold at US$7.14 dollars, about RD$400, when before the fictitious shortage, it was bought at US$4.00 and even less.

In the surroundings of the fuel stations operating at the entrance of this city from Las Matas de Farfán, there is a tense situation with the military guarding them because the situation could get out of control.

Under control
When answering a question, the commander of the third brigade of the Army of the Dominican Republic in the area, Colonel Antonio Toribio Castro, assured us that “the situation is completely under control.”

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