Local July 18, 2022 | 11:27 am

Santiago traffic = chaos

Santiago.- Traffic congestion in the city of Santiago has had a notable increase in recent months, where not only the Historic Center has been affected, but also the main avenues of the province.
According to studies by the National Central of Transport Workers (CNTT) and various municipal departments and driver organizations, the vehicle fleet in the city of Santiago is around 350,000 private vehicles and almost 12,000 public vehicles, most of which do not they have an alternation in the schedule and cause blockages.
Juan Marte, president of this entity, assures that in this town there is no wise transit and transportation policy, causing more and more a true “chaos” and disorder.

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Ken S Williams
July 18, 2022 12:03 pm

Recent months? Try the last 15 years!!!

Paul Tierney
July 19, 2022 11:59 am

The government needs to reduce the amount of traffic on its roads, There are various ways to do it: have lower quotas on vehicle importation, high registration fees for new vehicles, set up vehicle exclusion zones, even/odd day vehicle use, reduce amount of vehicles per household, higher insurance premiums for urban household vehicles, free public transportion in high population density areas, reduce parking areas, tow all illegal parkers, remove junkers, fine unlicensed operators, & need I go on?

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