Local July 21, 2022 | 1:52 pm

They ensure criminal acts are reduced by 8% compared to 2021

The authorities of the country’s security agencies assured that criminal acts were reduced by 8% in the first semester of 2021. This was reported by Daniel Pou, director of the Data Analysis Center of the Ministry of Interior and Police.

Pou assured that the military authorities, in joint operations, seized more than 189,000 grams of drugs, 38 stolen vehicles were recovered, 97 firearms were taken, and 211 criminal acts were thwarted in the last 15 days.

Pou also explained that 1,594 cases of robberies, assaults, homicides, scams, forgery, and sexual abuse, among other crimes and offenses, were solved. In addition, 21,786 people were arrested, and 1,929 were detained.

“Homicides by crime were reduced by 36% when comparing the month of July 2021 with 2022,” said Pou.

These statements were offered at a press conference held at the National Police Palace this Thursday morning in which representatives of all military institutions participated.

The press conference did not address the criminal acts pending a response by the National Police, which dismayed society.

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