Local July 25, 2022 | 4:12 pm

1,800 homes to be made available in Santo Domingo West through Familia Feliz

Santo Domingo, DR.
The Ministry of the Presidency (Minpre), through the National Housing Plan Happy Family (PNVFF), will have 1,800 new homes distributed in three housing projects in Santo Domingo West, informed the vice minister of Investment Projects, Camel Curi.

“In this locality, we are initiating three housing projects, which we understand that in this month we will be starting the first picazos, between these three projects there will be about 1,800 decent homes,” he said.

Curi offered the information during a meeting held on Saturday with the residents of the Hato Nuevo sector in Santo Domingo Oeste, where he explained that to date, 108 projects had been built nationwide.

“The president has granted the funds, which are in our possession, for the habilitation of all the houses for this and next year. Right now the projects cover close to 28 thousand housing units,” he indicated.

The deputy minister explained that these houses are built, so there are no construction defects and in areas where flooding does not occur with the endorsement of the Ministries of Environment and Public Works.

“The president, Luis Abinader, has stated since the conceptualization of his housing program, that all Dominicans should have access to decent housing, no matter the province or municipality where they are located,” he said.

The deputy minister emphasized that these homes have recreational areas, some even with sports courts because it is not only about people having a decent home but also a safe and pleasant environment.

He also said that this is the first time a government has built houses with title deeds.

“Never before had a State promoted the construction of houses with titles; for the first time, houses will be delivered with a title in hand,” he highlighted.

Curi explained that the housing projects of Familia Feliz entail specific responsibilities on the part of the beneficiary families because the Government will not only provide accessibility but also aspires that the beneficiaries become bankable.

“We are starting (the beneficiaries) a process of bankarization with all the financial entities. We have designed the program so that people pay the same or less than what they pay in rent,” he said.

He stated, “what we want you to understand is that God willing and with your efforts and the support of the State, in the person of President Luis Abinader, you will have the option of having a decent home, with God in front of you.”

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Peter Harris
July 26, 2022 7:10 am

Congratulations ! The President never stops !