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The country already at 38 days without reported deaths due to Covid

In regular beds there are 111 inpatients.

Santo Domingo, DR.
The Dominican Republic has registered a total of 4,383 deaths from Covid-19, remaining in the last 38 days without reports of new deaths, which is also reflected in a reduction of the case fatality rate.

The last official report of a death from the disease was recorded in bulletin number 822 issued by the General Directorate of Epidemiology on June 18 of this year, when the case fatality rate was 0.73%.

No variation
Since then, the exact figure of 4,383 deaths accumulated from March 2020 has been maintained.

The SARS-COV-2 case fatality rate has been reduced to 0.70%, according to epidemiological bulletin number 858 of the Ministry of Public Health issued yesterday.

The health authorities attribute the reduction in Covid-19 mortality to the protection that vaccination has produced in the population, especially the vulnerable, which has also reduced hospital complications, despite the circulation of the different subvariants of the omicron lineage of the new coronavirus.

Yesterday, the country reported 111 patients hospitalized in regular beds for people with the disease and 20 admitted to Intensive Care Units (ICU), of which five remain under assisted ventilation.

Reports of new positive virus cases and laboratory tests have declined recently. However, yesterday, the system reported 227 new infections detected in 2,539 samples processed.

Daily positivity stood at 23.19% yesterday and that of the last four weeks at 12.93%.
As of yesterday, there were 2,240 active coronavirus cases, with the National District reporting the highest number of new positive diagnoses with 108 cases, followed by the provinces of Santo Domingo and Santiago.

The total number of accumulated positive diagnoses in the country is 626,611, of which 619,988 are listed as recovered.

Among children under 20 years of age, 78,781 positive cases have been reported, and 3,072 among health care workers.

Among those who died from Covid-19, 26.62% suffered from hypertension and 15.90% from diabetes as a comorbidity.

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