Local July 30, 2022 | 8:25 am

Announcer Sergio Carlo explains why he uses cannabis

Sergio Carlo

The announcer, Sergio Carlo, explained why he has been consuming cannabis for medicinal use for some time after receiving criticism for saluting the decision of former Major League Baseball player David Ortiz, who entered the legal marijuana business in the United States.

“For some years I have been looking for alternatives to calm my anxiety and lack of sleep. So I started looking for what I could consume that is a natural product and I came to read about medical cannabis,” Sergio explained in a video posted on his Twitter account.

The also broadcaster pointed out that the plant contains CBD, a substance that has relaxing effects for those who consume it.

“That is even used for children. But CBD is also used for anxiety and pain,” said the broadcaster, explaining the other uses of medical marijuana.

He recalled that in some states of the United States, said product can be consumed. “If I, Sergio Carlo, have chosen not to consume natural medicine chemicals, that is my decision. I am not harming anyone, not even myself. So, let’s stop being ignorant, for God’s sake,” the newscaster asked.

He called on Dominican citizens to move forward mentally and “not to be left behind.”

David Ortiz

The newest member of the U.S. Professional Baseball League (MLB) Hall of Fame, David Ortiz, is launching his own line of marijuana, called Papi Cannabis.

To do so, he has partnered with Rev Brands to create “carefully selected cannabis products that keep the healing properties at the forefront.”

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