Local August 8, 2022 | 12:39 pm

Dominican Gov. hiring became the ‘Great wall of China’

Santo Domingo.- The director of Public Procurement, Carlos Pimentel, assured this Monday that the compliance officer that this entity placed in the Ministry of Education (Minerd) did not have all the openness to carry out his work accompanying the purchasing processes.

When asked if “they put it in China” to the compliance officer who seeks to accompany the institutions to the legality and efficiency of their contracting processes, Pimentel stated that “it is correct, in good Dominican.”\

He said that the presence of this official was not objected to in the Minerd, because it is a program that is guaranteed by a presidential decree and there is a Public Contracting policy.

“But it must be said that he did not have all the openness to develop his work, to do his support, unlike what has happened with other entities where the compliance officer is a figure that must be valued, because he is accompanying to do the thing correctly,”, indicated Pimentel in an interview on the program El Día, on Telesistema, channel 11

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