Local August 10, 2022 | 3:08 pm

Head of SIE Andres Astacio: customers will receive credit on electric bill

Andrés Astacio, Vice President EDES.

The electricity superintendent, Andres Astacio, explained this Wednesday that customers who paid the electric bill with the increased service cost in July would receive a credit for August.

“Many are going to see it in their rate. If it had not been billed at that time in July and if the rate had already been adjusted, simply what you are going to see is that you are going to have the same price in July that you had in June”, added Andres Astacio.

In an interview on Uno más Uno, broadcast on Teleantillas, channel 2, Astacio added that users would not see any variation in the price for this month.

Astacio said that “For the first time,” the EDES are serving more than 98% of the energy required by Dominicans in these two years.

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