Local August 11, 2022 | 4:16 pm

Do not make long weekend plans, the holiday of August 16 is not changed

Santo Domingo, DR
This coming Tuesday, August 16, is marked on the calendar as a holiday commemorating another anniversary of the Dominican Republic Restoration Day.

On this date, Dominicans remember the patriotic deed led by the hero Gregorio Luperón in 1863, which consolidated the National Independence.

By resolution of the Ministry of Labor, this day is irremovable, so there will be no long weekend on this occasion.

It should be noted that this has not always been the case. As of sentence no. 14 of the Supreme Court of Justice of the year 2008, it is established by law not to transfer this holiday.

Saturday, September 24, Day of the Virgin of Mercy, and Sunday, November 6, Day of the Dominican Constitution, will also be celebrated on their corresponding days.

As with the previous dates, the last holiday of 2022 is immovable. Therefore, Christmas will be celebrated in the country on Sunday, December 25.

Last of the year

The last long weekend of 2022 was in May. Therefore, Sunday, May 1, the date on which Labor Day is commemorated, due to its non-working nature, was changed to Monday, May 2.

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