Local August 15, 2022 | 10:09 am

RD$5,156 million invested in hospitals

Santo Domingo, DR.

More than 5,156 million pesos were invested in the renovation of hospital infrastructure and equipment by the National Health Service (SNS) from August 2020 to date.

The figure is part of the achievements and advances in the centers of the public health network exhibited by the current management of the National Health Service (SNS), headed by Dr. Mario Lama, according to a report made by the agency.

It highlights that, during this period, the SNS allocated RD$2,762,173,673.79 for 71 interventions and, in addition to this amount, RD$955,321,673.79 was made available for the renovation and expansion of 38 Emergency Rooms nationwide and RD$457,995,433.24 was allocated for the intervention of 53 First Level Centers.

The document adds that 138 hospitals and First Level Centers were provided with new and modern equipment, with an investment of RD$981,180,344.00, facilitating an increase in the provision of health services and efficiency in the attention received by the users of the Public Network.

Eight emergencies
In two years, eight remodeled and equipped emergency rooms have been delivered to the population at the Félix María Goico Hospital in Santo Domingo; Regional Taiwán 19 de Marzo and Nuestra Señora del Carmen Hospitals in Azua, Ochoa; Regional Universitario San Vicente de Paúl and Felipe J. Achecar Hospitals in Duarte province, the Municipal Doctor Luis Espaillat Hospital in Sabana Iglesia and the Leopoldo Martínez Hospital in Hato Mayor.

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August 15, 2022 5:08 pm

Investment should be made in education of doctors and staff…its beyond comprehension…We brought my cousin to ING international hospital in Bavaro, after he suffered infarct, and one after arrival in hospital …He was left two days without being monitored in the room, because doctor has anniversary to attend with his wife in Santo Domingo !!!?… disaster….level of competency tremendous…why are we so negligent ?!