Local August 18, 2022 | 4:11 pm

Monkeypox patients remain stable

There are six other suspected cases of monkeypox.

Santo Domingo, DR
According to Public Health authorities, the two patients admitted for being affected with smallpox, held at the Hospital Militar Docente Doctor Ramon de Lara, show stability in their health conditions.

“They continue to be hospitalized, but they are stable. There is suspicion of other cases, but there is no confirmation; we have feared about 50 points discarded because Eladio Perez, Vice-Minister of Health, has negatively explained them.

He expressed that at present, there are six suspected cases awaiting results. “These people have had contact with a foreigner, there has not been any community contact, but they do not present any seriousness,” clarified Dr. Perez.

The Vice-Minister also detailed that these samples awaiting results are being analyzed at the Doctor Defilló National Laboratory.

The typical symptomatology of simian smallpox is characterized by fever, headache, back and muscular pains, low energy, and swollen lymph nodes; after these initial steps follow the appearance of rashes in different parts of the body, going from being simple marks to then containing liquids and to culminate they become crusts that then rise and generate new skin.

This disease can be spread or transmitted through clothing and bodily fluids.


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