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The iconic corner Duarte with Paris is already remodeled

In April improvements will be made to Paris street FILE

Santo Domingo, DR
A little more than eight months after the ribbon cutting that formally inaugurated the first stage of the renovation of the commercial promenade on Duarte and Paris avenues, the complementary extension is nearing completion and will soon be in operation.

The details were offered to this media by representatives linked to the project coordinated by the Fundación Acción, Emprende y Transforma, directed by the Minister of Tourism, David Collado.

According to the information provided, the cost of this stage exceeds 200 million pesos. It includes reorganizing vehicular traffic, new trees and lighting, sewage infrastructure and signage, and new urban furniture.

The complete project covers Jacinto De La Concha Street to Josefa Brea Street and seeks to reorganize the historical chaos in this area for over three decades.

First phase

The initial section was inaugurated in December 2021 and had a private capital of 125,000 million pesos for the project that was intended to impact the lives of at least 74 informal workers in the area.

The work was extended for about five months; at the same time, the hawkers voluntarily stopped their work, without violent reactions, unlike other interventions.

This section was supposed to be completed last March, a date announced by the National District mayor, Carolina Mejía, during a special program of Z101 and Gobierno de la Mañana before the inauguration ceremony of the first phase.

“This first stage of the first phase will be definitively finished by the end of March as we have been told,” said the mayor.

With the completion of this second block, the first phase of this intervention, which had been postponed due to the incidence of the covid-19 pandemic, is completed.

Those consulted affirmed that this work will be delivered in “the next few days and will be immediately open to the public.”

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Paul Tierney
September 5, 2022 11:39 am

Can we expect the “hawkers” to return in mass to clog the streets again, those who will test the determination of government to keep the area in order?

Daniel Baez
September 6, 2022 3:38 am

Looks alot more organize now then how it used to be.