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Conani girl who fell from fourth floor undergoes surgery

The Paso de Conani Home, on V Centerario Avenue, from where the girl fell, and the Doctor Hugo Mendoza Pediatric Hospital where the minor was admitted. file/ld

Santo Domingo, DR
Authorities reported yesterday that they performed emergency surgery on the girl who fell from the roof of the Hogar de Paso of the National Council for Children and Adolescents (CONANI), located on V Centenario Avenue.

Directors of the Dr. Hugo Mendoza Pediatric Hospital (HPHM), together with CONANI, informed that the 12-year-old female patient underwent emergency surgery yesterday.

When she was awakened and extubated, she underwent a neurological reevaluation, revealing clinical data showing a spinal cord injury. A spinal CT scan was performed, showing a fracture of the dorsal spine. After a medical meeting, it was decided to perform surgery.

Given this situation, the prognosis for the minor is reserved, with the patient’s clinical and surgical evolution. Nevertheless, the health personnel continues to work to guarantee dignified and timely care for adolescents.


Four days ago, it was reported to the media that a 12-year-old girl fell from a fourth floor in one of the National Council for Children and Adolescents shelters. This case is under investigation, and the minor, whose identity remains anonymous, is being treated at the pediatric health center by Doctor Hugo Mendoza.


On September 3, Listin Diario reported that the girl fell from the Hogar de Paso fourth floor on V Centenario Avenue.

On that occasion, although the state of health of the minor was not specified, the person in charge of Public Relations of that institution, Samir Saba, assured Listín Diario that the event occurred on August 30 and that the minor was admitted to a health center, without giving more details.

“It was specifically on Tuesday and the girl is in a health center,” Saba said.

The foster homes are designed for children and adolescents who, for neglect, physical violence, and emotional abuse, require the help of the State.

Conani was created on November 23, 1978, by a vision of Mrs. Renée Klang de Guzmán, the First Lady, to provide a platform for children in the Dominican Republic to look after their needs and care. Today, the main office is named in honor of her administration, which lasted from 1978 to 1982. In its beginnings it was called Centro Infantil de Atención Integral (CIANI).



Article 51 of Law 136-03 defines the National Protection System and its set of institutions. Article 52 explains that the priority of this system is to guarantee the rights of children and adolescents, as well as the promotion of their integral development.

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