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Census carried out in the Colonial City as part of revitalization

The Comprehensive Tourism and Urban Development Program of the Colonial City of Santo Domingo, which has been running for several years, began work on a census and survey of businesses, residents, and visitors to the historic center.

The census and survey of businesses will allow the collection of data for the design and development of the revitalization works that are being carried out in the Colonial City, the Ministry of Tourism said in a statement on Thursday.

Resident and visitor surveys will provide inputs for updating the Carrying Capacity Monitoring System of the old town of Santo Domingo.

The collection of this information will be in charge of Gallup Dominican Republic, a firm selected through a competitive process, the ministry assured.

From Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The data collected will serve as input for formulating an economic development strategy to stimulate the growth of businesses and private investment, promote job creation, and increase the standard of living of the inhabitants and the quality of the visitors’ experience.

This work began in the first week of September and will last approximately three weeks.

Its management will be in charge of four teams of eight interviewers, and in each visit, they will identify the registered establishments with a sticker (‘sticker’). Information gathering is carried out from Monday to Sunday from eight in the morning to seven at night.

$90 million

The Comprehensive Tourism and Urban Development Program for the Colonial City of Santo Domingo have been carried out in various stages in recent years. They include an investment of 90 million dollars financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

Its objective is, recalled the ministry, to consolidate the offer of cultural tourism and the recovery of public spaces, historical monuments, and museums.

Likewise, the improvement of habitability conditions for residents, the development of local economies, and the strengthening of tourism, cultural and urban management of the historic center.

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