Local September 24, 2022 | 9:07 am

What can the Dominican Republic expect from tropical depressions 9 and 10?

A few days after Hurricane Fiona left Dominican territory, tropical depressions 9 and 10 were registered 611 kilometers south of the country and 495 kilometers from the Cape Verde Islands, respectively.

In this regard, meteorologist Francisco Holguín explained to this newspaper that both atmospheric phenomena do not represent any danger for the Dominican Republic.

However, Holguín added that, although depression number 9 is moving away from the country as the hours go by, it will bring humidity to the Dominican territory and is generating cloudiness and rains from this coming Saturday towards the southern zone, mainly towards San Cristóbal, Baní, San Juan de la Maguana, San José de Ocoa, Barahona and other localities.

Meteorologist Francisco Holguín.
“But they are not large tropical cyclone rains. They will be downpours at times significant, but the Dominican Republic can be calm,” said the meteorologist.

In that sense, and due to the fact that depression number 10 will move towards a northern Atlantic, “nothing threatens the Dominican Republic,” Holguín pointed out.

The rains will be registered this weekend “and already on Sunday everything will return to normal.” The number, which experts say will affect Colombia, is also expected to impact Florida in the coming days.

Damage caused by Hurricane Fiona
Homes without roofs, light poles on the ground and several flooded areas, are some of the damages caused by hurricane Fiona, which is now category 4, during its passage through the Dominican Republic.

These ravages have been captured in videos uploaded on social networks, where you can also see several trees on the pavement, due to heavy rains and wind.

“Fiona devastated Bayahibe… it has knocked down light poles, signs, bushes, it has knocked down everything,” a person can be heard saying while recording an audiovisual.

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