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Luis Abinader says now more corruption cases are uncovered due to “open government”

Santo Domingo, DR
The President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, expressed this Tuesday that currently, according to the people, there are more corruption cases, but this is because they are an open government where the citizens act as an auditor.

“Many say: but there are more denunciations now, more corruption cases are uncovered…, yes, that is positive, because now with open governments there is much more transparency, because we have society as auditors of government funds, that is our intention,” said the president in his speech.

In addition, during the opening of “Open America,” an event to exchange ideas in favor of the region, the president said that “an open government is much more than transparency.”

He said that collaboration in favor of the region and the country’s welfare is the purpose and objective of a flexible government to continue making reforms.

Likewise, he informed that he would accelerate all pending reforms to continue contributing to “an open government.”

“This Government will not only continue making reforms, but we will accelerate all the reforms we have pending,” he said.

He explained that in May, the publication of the results of the Open Budget Survey carried out by the International Budget Partnership revealed that the Dominican Republic ranks ninth among 120 countries evaluated in budget transparency. It is also ranked as the third country with the most excellent transparency in public spending on the American continent.

Milagros Ortiz Bosch, Director General of the General Directorate of Ethics and Government Integrity, highlighted the importance of the meeting for the Dominican Republic and the effort that the government has made to advance in everything related to open data, guaranteeing the right of citizens to be informed and taking into account the government’s duty to notify.

The head of state indicated that América Abierta is a space that allows beginning to articulate joint commitments of the entire region, such as integrating the obligations emanating from the Summit of the Americas and other relevant forums related to the promotion of transparency and the fight against corruption.

He urged that they seek to integrate best practices into our internal order and collaborate to weave stronger economies and more resilient democracies.

About the event
“America Abierta” is a meeting where different experts from civil society, academia, the private sector, and the government will exchange ideas to create alliances and seek solutions in favor of a more open, participatory, and inclusive region.

The event will connect actors to work on metaphysical issues such as transparency, integrity, prevention and fight against corruption, protection of rights and freedoms, and democratic governance.

América Abierta will be attended by representatives from 29 countries and more than 500 people from various sectors with activities at the Hotel El Embajador in Santo Domingo from September 26 to 29.

This is the first time the Open Government Partnership (OGP), Abrelatam-Condatos, the OAS, and the Government of the Dominican Republic have joined forces to organize the America Abierta meeting.

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