Local October 19, 2022 | 1:42 pm

Dominican cinema needs to spend more money on international marketing

Marketing, or “marketing,” is necessary to support the Dominican film industry because it aims to market and sell products. An advertising strategy directs producers toward a shared objective: the commercialization of a film, from the placement of a dialogue to the distribution strategy. According to publicist Julissa Rumaldo, marketing is essential for an audiovisual to be commercially successful. Rumaldo stated, “All producers have the responsibility of ensuring the release of a film in various markets, but an advertising strategy must be used.” 

A law that offers tax advantages is strengthening the Dominican Republic’s position in Latin America and the Caribbean, but the country still needs communication, advertising, and marketing firms that specialize in the so-called Seventh Art to boost its gross domestic product.

Rumaldo states that a movie is a product that needs a communication strategy, a media and marketing plan to position the brand that makes money through advertising, its commercialization specializing in multiple movies released during the same season, and marketing work that distinguishes itself in the market.

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