Local October 25, 2022 | 8:23 am

Tourist admits he was wrong when breaking Uber headquarters windows

Source: Dominican Today

The National Police detained a man at the beginning of October,  accused of smashing the windows of the Uber corporate headquarters in the National District’s Diamond Mall. According to a video shared on social media, the detainee was taken from the Uber offices by police officers while being handcuffed and shirtless.

English citizen Asko Hilke was detained in the Cristo Rey prosecutor’s office in the National District after allegedly being assaulted by an Uber employee while visiting the Dominican Republic to marry his fiancée. The tourist allegedly broke the taxi service office’s windows because he was “overwhelmed by anger” over a robbery he had suffered at the hands of a driver from the transportation platform last Friday and was unable to get any answers.

Upon reaching out to Dominican Today, he explained to us that he was on his way to his other Airbnb but had the address incomplete and needed to make a stop at a building to connect to the Wi-Fi. Once he was going to leave the vehicle, the driver allegedly instructed him to leave his phone in the car since “it could be dangerous to have it out.” Asko did not do this since he needed to look up the location, and as soon as he stepped out, the driver presumably drove off with 3 laptops, a birth certificate, a passport, money, and more personal belongings of Asko. Dominican Today was unable to get a statement from the Uber office in Diamond Mall or the authorities.

The UK native admits that his actions were wrong, but when he saw the lack of help from Dominican authorities and Uber in the Dominican Republic, he lost his composure. Asko states that he has no issue with the company and will continue to use it, but he would like justice to be served.

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