Local October 30, 2022 | 12:07 pm

Government brings solutions to hundreds of families of Nagua

Nagua – The government of President Luis Abinader, through the General Directorate of Community Development (DGDC), organized an extensive day of comprehensive assistance in the community of San José de Villa, in this municipality, in which hundreds of families benefited from a medical operation, fumigation, delivery of food, fruit plants, and other donations.

The operation, which began shortly after 9:00 a.m., included medical consultations and the delivery of medicines to more than 200 people, including children, young people, adults, and pregnant women.

The people were attended by the medical staff of the DGDC, together with collaborators of the National Health Service (SNS), under the coordination of Dr. Ithamar Batista.

More than 150 fruit plants, such as avocado, mango, sapote, and guanabana, donated by the Regional Agriculture Department of the Duarte province through engineer Frank Ventura, were also delivered.

Meanwhile, the fumigation brigades intervened in more than 400 houses, including patios and alleys.

The operation was supervised by the general director of the DGDC, Eléxido Paula Liranzo, who was accompanied by the head of the Social Assistance Department of the entity, Cristian Carrasco.

Paula Liranzo thanked the contribution of several state institutions “to the success of the day, in compliance with collaboration agreements signed with these entities.”

“Today we are in the community of San José de Villa, in the province of María Trinidad Sánchez, which by disposition of our president Luis Abinader, we are bringing them an extensive operation of integral assistance, because his concern is that every Dominican has access to health, eats well and lives in an environment free of pests and insects,” she said.

The official explained, in that sense, that they delivered many medical supplies totally free, “and everything we are doing is without any cost.”

He took the opportunity to congratulate the DGDC work team “commanded by Cristian Carrasco, from our Social Assistance department.”

“I also want to thank each of the institutions present here; without them, this operation would not be a total success,” said Paula Liranzo.

She also emphasized that the State Economic Canteens supplied 200 rations of cooked food to the participating institutions’ personnel and the community’s families, intervened by the General Directorate of Community Development.

The event occurred at the San José de Villa Community Cultural Center and the Basic School of the same name, where data was collected from 350 people to be included in the State’s social plans through Supérate.

Likewise, a survey was made of some 50 people for their affiliation to the subsidized regime of the National Health Insurance (SENASA) in case they meet the requirements of this institution.

Paula Liranzo was accompanied during the day by the regional manager, Germán Taveras; the provincial manager, Juliana Sosa Guzmán; the provincial manager of the National Health Service, Dr. Jesús Albuquerque; from the Legal Department of the institution, Miguel Lebrón del Carmen, Marcelino Aquino; from Transportation, Cristian Tejada, and from Engineering, Chicho Valdez, among others.

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October 30, 2022 10:02 pm

yeah he better give food to the (his) “locals” as land and housing for foreigners is listed at 1 million USD more or less in the area; meanwhile the local people need fruit….sad….. is like when TRUMP was throwing paper towels to the ppl after the Hurricane in Puerto Rico