Local October 31, 2022 | 10:00 am

They are in favor of passing a special law on autism

The organization “Peña for a Better Country,” made up of representatives from various sectors of society, raised the urgency of passing a special law that cares for and protects people with autism. In a public letter to the National Congress and to Dominican society in general, signed by more than 200 members of the entity, it states that thousands of families in the Dominican Republic live in very difficult situations as they do not have the means or resources to adequately attend to their sons and daughters with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The entity stressed the need to declare the comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to TEA to be of national interest, thus creating a special law that attends to and protects people with this condition, which cannot be postponed. It indicates that the members of the Peña  for a Better Country express their full support for this special law for the care and protection of people with autism.

Jorge Dargam, founder of La Peña, stressed that “we cannot turn our backs on causes as human as these that affect thousands of Dominican families.” This initiative of La Peña is motivated by the testimony of the journalist Fernando Quiroz, one of its members, who, together with his wife Iranna Flaviá Luciano, directs efforts to improve the quality of life of his son Fernando Gabriel, 13 years old, and contributes to all ASD families.

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