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Why is Dominican Constitution Day celebrated today?

The day of the Constitution of the Dominican Republic, which is 178 years since it was put into effect, was signed in San Cristobal to preserve national sovereignty.

The Constitution is the fundamental law, written or not, of a sovereign State, established or accepted as a guide for its governance.

It sets the limits and defines the relations between the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches of the State, thus establishing the basis for its government.

It also guarantees the people certain rights and freedoms. Most countries have a written constitution.

Aristotle, born in Stagaria, Macedonia, 384 B.C. and died in Chalcis Euboea, Greece, 322 B.C., not only had an impact on philosophy, logic, and ethics methodology but also the shaping of political science, finding in his work a typology of the Constitution.

However, this thinker never formulated a systematized theory about it and never intended to codify a consistent study of the Constitution in a scientific way.

The first genuinely national constitutional document that regulated the independent life of our people was the Act of Separation, which served as the new State’s Constitution on February 27, 1844. However, on November 6 of the same year, the first Dominican Constitution was proclaimed in the city of San Cristobal.

In the Dominican Republic, it was on November 6, 1844, when the first Constitution was promulgated. After its promulgation, it has been modified 39 times, although its most recent change has not been enacted.

The Congress that gathers the Chamber of Deputies and Senators in the National Assembly is the one that modifies the Constitution in our country. Therefore, you need to know that the Dominicans took the French and United States Constitutions as a model for drafting our Constitution.

Of the modifications made to the Dominican Constitution, that of February 19, 1858, called the Constitution of Moca because it was proclaimed in that place, has been pointed out as the most democratic of the Dominican Republic.

This November 6, the country celebrates the 178th anniversary of enacting the first Dominican Constitution. Other synonyms for Constitution are Carta Magna and Carta Sustantiva.

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