Local November 13, 2022 | 12:03 pm

Government has delivered 46,798 property titles to families

This Saturday, the Government delivered the title deeds to more than two thousand families in the municipality of Consuelo. They were working on lands that did not belong to them but were intervened by the State to bring them dignity and guarantee their property rights.

“It was a longing, a lifelong longing, a dream that today has come true,” said Cristino Ramírez, a resident of this community for more than 20 years.

The titles were delivered to the attendees of a massive activity that welcomed President Luis Abinader, who led the delivery of 2,631 certificates that will impact more than 10 thousand people.

“We are fulfilling point by point the commitments we made to the Dominican people,” the President proudly expressed.

He added that the titles they now hold make them owners of their homes and businesses and allow them to be credit agents to expand their businesses and continue improving their quality of life.

This act recognizes these families’ right to the land they have worked for years or on which they have built their lives with their families.

“These people who spent so much time planting sugar cane and other forms of work, today they will be able to say: I now have my title,” said another of the beneficiaries.

The Government has delivered 46,798 property titles to low-income families.
Government delivers more than 8,000 titles in Consuelo
The Consuelo titling project will impact 8,627 families in several stages.

The director of the Technical Executing Unit of Land Titling of the State, Mérido Torres, highlighted that an entire town is titled for the first time in 10 years of the institution.

He added that this is another achievement of the Government of President Luis Abinader because “in only two years and three months we have surpassed the number of titles issued in the first eight years of this institution and today we have achieved the sum of 46,798.”

Torres also pointed out that UTECT has more than 100,000 applicants for 2023.

The titles delivered this Saturday represent a savings of RD$210,480,000.00 for the beneficiaries, and the lands were donated by the State Sugar Council, covering an area of 972,069.46 square meters.

The impacted families reside in neighborhoods such as Los Jardines, Libertad, Los Vecinos, Pueblo Nuevo, Hato Mayor, Central Urbanización Sueño Real, Urbanización Maestro Li, Enriquillo, La Loma, El Quilombo, La Gallera, La Guamita, La Habana, Villa Verde, Guachupita, Las Palmas, Santa Ana, and La Mina.

Also present were the Minister of the Presidency, Joel Santos; the governor Aracelis Villanueva; the municipal mayor Juan Padilla; the administrator of Banco Agrícola, Fernando Durán; the director of Bienes Nacionales and CEA, Rafael Burgos; the deputies Luis Gómez and Carolina Paula; the deputy director of UTECT, Rubén Céspedes; the President of INDOTEL, Nelson Arroyo.

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The Truth Hurts
November 13, 2022 1:03 pm

Buying his votes like the thug thief he is.

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Jay Will
November 23, 2022 10:23 pm

I guess now we know why to Sugar Coucil gave these titles away! Nothing is for free! The US seized their sugar exports now!