Local November 22, 2022 | 3:00 pm

The induction program begins for teachers to reach high levels of performance

The Ministry of Education presented the National Induction Program (PNI), for new teachers in the public education system, to guarantee that new teachers reach high levels of performance in all aspects that contribute to the success of their practice in the classrooms. The program will impact 22,846 new teachers of different levels who, through the support of Minerd, will be able to enhance the skills developed during their training. Induction constitutes a third stage and a determining link in the quality of the professional development of the teacher who is starting, and a fundamental opportunity to promote improvements in student learning achievement.

It is conceived as a “systematic training process in which accompaniment and support for individualized professional development are provided. That way they can achieve the correct insertion and effective integration of the new teacher in the school and community context, successfully overcoming the problems, tensions, and difficulties of the first years of professional practice”. The induction program should have been applied months ago when the first teachers who passed the Teaching Opposition Contest were appointed, as this is established by Departmental Order 06-2021 which regulated the process.

The 22,846 teachers will be in a provisional condition by the regulations of the Teaching Statute, during the 2022-2023 school year, at the end of the school period, they will be evaluated. The Induction Plan is approached from a professional self-development, self-evaluation, and formative evaluation approach, using relevant strategies: tutoring and individualized accompaniment in the educational center; accompanied self-formation, mediated by virtuality; face-to-face training workshops; permanent follow-up and orientation and the evaluation and systematization of performance.

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