Local December 1, 2022 | 3:00 pm

They reopen the case against Rochy RD

The judge of Santo Domingo Este’s ninth Investigative Court (SDE) revoked yesterday the filing of a complaint against Rochy RD for crimes and high-tech crimes, which was filed after an agreement was reached between the urban artist and the complainant Andrés Moisés Peguero Romero. Judge Yenni Dahiana Segura also reopened the case against the urban music performer, accepting a request from Peguero Romero, for breach of the transactional agreement that both parties signed at the start of this year.

Aderly Ramirez, also known as Rochy RD in the music industry, communicated through his defense bar that some of his former collaborators “placed or incited” criminal complaints in order to pressure and extort the interpreter of “Uva bombón” to receive an economic benefit greater than the actual work commitment.

The lawyers who accompanied Rochy RD, José Martinez Brito, and Andrés Toribio, revealed that the same thing happened with Mr. Aderly’s artistic commitments prior to his preventive detention and that they could not be honored for obvious reasons.

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