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Jeans, clean tennis shoes, and sleeved shirts will be accepted at the national theater, except for gala events

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To clarify the contentious situation that has arisen in recent hours as a result of the general director of the Eduardo Brito National Theater, Carlos Veitia, declaring changes in the dress code to attend the theater, the artistic producer informed This Tuesday through a statement that “jeans, clean tennis shoes, and shirts with sleeves are welcome changing rooms” within these facilities except when a gala event is taking place. He also explains in the text that the changes were created with people who finish their workday and do not have enough time to comply with a specific wardrobe in mind, “so we allow a somewhat flexible way of dressing,” though they warn not to “take things to the extreme: a gentleman in shorts will not be allowed to enter the room and the ladies must maintain a decent style of dress.”

Veitia, on the other hand, invited the public to approach the theater “with personal dignity” and become a part of it, as well as to respect the start times of the activities “or else you lose all right of admission.” “I see people looking for other things that aren’t relevant, because what’s relevant here is art, supporting art, bringing people closer to art, not talking about which shoe so-and-so is wearing, or which pants are perencejo, or if that one came with a shorter mini,” Veitia stated.

Ripped or torn jeans, t-shirts or tank tops, shorts or Bermuda shorts, caps, visible underwear, flip flops, and transparent clothing are all prohibited in the theater.

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