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Law for Animal Protection and Responsible Ownership: “there are prosecutors who do not know it”

Source: El Caribe

The director of the Animal Protection Department of the Public Ministry, Karina Pimentel, highlighted the preponderant role of the prosecutor’s office in imposing the corresponding sanctions on those involved in crimes related to animal abuse in the different judicial districts of the country, however, she clarified that most prosecutors are unaware of Law 248-12. Interviewed on the specialized program “Dominicana Buenas Noches” hosted by journalist Lorenny Solano, Pimentel indicated that in many cases, the body in charge guides prosecutors to make the right decisions based on what is established by the Law Animal Protection and Responsible Ownership; explaining to them the articles that have been violated and the sanctions that must be applied.

“The Department of Animal Protection works as a mediator so that the law is complied with. When the legal process reaches a prosecutor to be judged, we try to intervene so that the correct decision is made, because, although the law has been in place since 2013, many prosecutors do not know it, “she said. She pointed out that this institution does not have the power to intervene in a home and take away animals that are being subjected to cruelty or mistreatment, without first having a document from a prosecutor, which, in addition, must be from the corresponding jurisdiction.

“There are processes within the Public Ministry system that have to be followed to carry out the survey and be able to keep the animals in custody while the legal process is being carried out. Who does the whole process are the prosecutors, who send the resolution? We cannot take animals from a house without an order from a prosecutor and hold ourselves responsible, because that is prohibited.


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December 20, 2022 12:44 am

we cannot protect people …never mind helpless animals …