Local January 9, 2023 | 3:00 pm

Ambassador of Israel in the Dominican Republic: “This country is a gift from God that makes tourists fall in love, nothing is missing”

Dr. Daniel Biran, the Israeli ambassador to the Dominican Republic, emphasized the country’s tourism recovery by stating that this Caribbean nation is a gift from God that tourists fall in love with. In an interview, Daniel Biran stated that tourists from his country enjoy the Dominican Republic’s beauty and charms. “I always said many times during the pandemic that tourists and investments would return and double in this country, and that is what we are seeing today, and hopefully this will continue,” he said. The Israeli ambassador predicted that the number of Israeli tourists visiting the Dominican Republic would increase in the coming months.

“It’s still not enough, I want to see more; we signed an agreement for a direct Israel-Punta Cana flight, and many more are coming. Many came during the pandemic, and each one falls in love with this country, a wonderful place, very friendly, no anti-Semitism, food, music, nothing is missing,” said Israel’s ambassador, Daniel Biran. The diplomat emphasized the Dominican Republic’s investment climate by describing the V Congress of the Council of the Alliance for Development of Ibero-America, which was held in Punta Cana, as a success. Israel intends to expand bilateral cooperation and strengthen friendship ties between the two countries.

The Dominican Republic and Israel have historically had close ties because, when neither country was willing to accept more Jewish refugees fleeing Nazism, or set conditions, the Dominican Republic was the only State that offered to do so.


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Robin Bernstein
January 10, 2023 4:13 pm

Absolutely agree. The Dominican Republic is one of the most cherished countries in the world. A fabulous place to visit, work and live. Should be on everyone’s bucket list. The Dominican Republic has it all.
ambassador Robin S. Bernstein (ret.)