Local January 10, 2023 | 10:00 am

“Cultura Con Abel” highlights Dominican roots in cultural murals

Source: El Caribe

The initiative “Cultura Con Abel” created a series of murals in the municipality of Castañuela, Montecristi province, to highlight Dominican roots. The cultural axes of this demarcation were taken into account in the preparation of the murals, such as the cultivation of rice and bananas; the merengue and the musical instruments that identify it, as well as capturing the image of the Troubadour of the North, Victor Estévez, one of the pioneers and great promoters of bachata. The cultural images are located directly in front of the patrimonial house where the artist Estévez lived, on Avenida 30 de Mayo, the same location where the Castañuelas municipality’s patron saint festivities will soon take place.

Residents of the municipality and the artists who worked on the Trovador del Norte’s face, including Katherine Cabrera Santana, Manaury Calazans, Omar Hernández, Luis Daniel Abreu, Gregorio Rodriguez, Ernesto Cruz, Richard Gutiérrez, Victor Valerio, Domingo Aquiles, Kevin Quiñones, and Freddy Burgos, have praised the initiative of the team from the outside-the-box movement.

The activity was coordinated by the mayor of Castañuelas, Winston Alvarez, a member of the PLD Central Committee, who was accompanied by Castauelas party leaders, including Alexander, the PLD provincial president, and César Rivas, a member of the Political Committee.


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