Economy January 12, 2023 | 3:00 pm

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Joel Santos: Government seeks private partners for a tourism project in Pedernales

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The government is seeking private partners to develop Pedernales because it lacks the financial capacity to make the required investment, which exceeds $2 billion, according to Minister of the Presidency Joel Santos. “You need financing and a private partner with capital to develop the Pedernales projects,” he explained. He explained that the television program Hoy Mismo La Super7, which is broadcast by Color Visión, channel 9, and the station La Super 7, requires a tender in which the terms are established.

He stated that the work can be done without the Public Trust Law that is currently being debated in the Chamber of Deputies, but he recognizes that “Addendum 3” of the Trust Bill is critical, as it will be the mechanism for approving the potential private companies that will be incorporated into the project. “Now you have to look for a private development partner because the government does not have the financial capacity to develop Pedernales, which will require an investment of more than two billion dollars,” Santos said.

The Minister of the Presidency stated that the government is willing to meet with environmentalists to analyze the protected areas and clear up any doubts about what they intend to do in the development of Pedernales. Furthermore, he stated that there is no intention of affecting the protected areas of that southern province, where the Bahia de las Aguila’s tourism project is being developed.


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