Health January 13, 2023 | 8:01 am

Deficiencies trigger emotional disorders in the Dominican Republic

The economic and health disturbances faced by the Dominican population, especially due to the loss of jobs and the constant threats of outbreaks and epidemics, have become two important stressors that are contributing to an increase in the cases of young people and adults who have mental health problems. This is stated by psychologist María de Los Santos, president of the Association of Health Psychologists (ASOPSALUD), noting that it is common to receive patients with emotional conditions in hospital consultations, manifested mainly in panic attacks, post-traumatic stress, social isolation, sleep disorder, depression, use and abuse of psychoactive substances, deep sadness, and suicide attempts.

She said that although cases of this nature have always attended the psychological services of health centers, currently or in the post-pandemic there has been a greater increase in emotional disorders since during the pandemic many people lost their jobs, and loved ones and they felt afraid of getting sick and not being able to seek financial support. “Now we are receiving more people with grief, grief in the Dominican population, people have little tolerance, they get irritated easily.”

The president of the Association of Health Psychologists said that in hospital consultation, especially in hospitalized patients who are going through a medical breakdown, there are frequent cases of mothers who become ill and are emotionally affected because they cannot afford the treatment and fear die and leave their young children alone. Many people believe that getting sick will affect the family economy or that they will not be able to enter the professional and productive world, which also leads them to depression.

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