Local January 26, 2023 | 12:00 pm

Janet Camilo announces that she aspires to the Mayor of the National District

Source: ZDigital

Janet Camilo, vice president of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), announced her candidacy for Mayor of the National District in the 2024 municipal elections on Wednesday. “Today, I summoned you to present my aspirations to the Mayor of the National District because this large area of the Dominican capital requires management with planning and concrete achievements; the National District deserves a council focused on serving people with effective services, Camilo said at a press conference.

Camilo, a former Minister for Women and President of the Socialist International Women, stated that among the urgent tasks that must be addressed in the National District are storm drainage (as demonstrated by the torrential rain on November 4 last year), traffic, lighting, urban design, and garbage collection management. “I call on you to support this candidacy and formwork teams that will allow us to achieve a healthy, educated, and prepared National District… a DN that makes us feel proud to be a stick series,” the candidate says, referring to the problems that have accumulated and in some cases even worsened in the area over time.

In his municipal government proposal “Passion for my city” Camilo stated that social and municipal groups, religious associations, clubs, and neighborhood associations are all integrated with whom to work and identify the most pressing problems in each neighborhood to find solutions. Janet Camilo has stated that if elected mayor, she will fight for a city that is free, responsible, prosperous, modern, welcoming, egalitarian, and democratic.


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