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Business sector will study salary increase proposal for workers

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After requesting an extension during the National Salary Committee meeting on Thursday, business representatives will study the union confederations’ proposal for a 35% salary increase for workers. “The business sector has asked the committee to give them a prudent time to know the union sector’s position… for them to study it and see it to make a decision,” Martin Mieses, president of the National Salary Committee, told members of the press. The meeting’s goal was to start a dialogue between employers and workers about raising the pay of public and private employees. Still, no agreement was reached due to the business union’s request.

Rafael “Pepe” Abreu, president of the National Confederation of Trade Union Unity (CNUS), stated today that the business union is attempting to postpone the dialogue and that the proposal was made well in advance. “When it is not one thing, it’s another,” says the business community. “Since he walked in, he’s been saying they’re ready to be sworn in, but they need time for consultation and study,” Abreu explained.

The workers’ primary justification for the wage increase is the inflationary process, which they claim makes it nearly impossible for them to survive on incomes less than the amount of the basic food basket. “With the wages we have today, we have no chance of living with dignity,” said Gabriel del Rio, a representative of the Autonomous Class-oriented Trade Union Confederation (CASC).


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Paul Tierney
January 29, 2023 8:37 am

Salary increases for some of the working population is long overdue. However, it is not hard to figure the business sector will grudgingly accept salary increases with fake tears. It too has an agenda to increase costs of services and products by pushing up prices, prices that will contribute to the rising inflation rate. So, the cycle will continue with a constant need to boost salaries, increased prices, and inflation climbing. The business sector will have more fortunes for owners to pocket and for the workers… small change. The winner is DGII.