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The Colonial Zone, a popular holiday destination

Families walking yesterday with their little ones in a park in the capital. /Jorge Martinez

Santo Domingo, DR
Last Sunday, citizens of the populous sectors of the central polygon spent their time at brunch, having happy conversations, children running and riding their skateboards and bicycles, and others playing dominoes on the sidewalks of their homes or listening to music while sitting in the nearest grocery store with a few drinks.

With the news that this Monday, January 30 is a non-working day because the commemoration of the birth of the patrician Juan Pablo Duarte was moved by the mandate of the Ministry of Labor, residents of the capital took the opportunity to relax.

Listín Diario confirmed this after a tour of restaurants and parks of the Colonial Zone, as well as in the sectors of Villas Agrícolas, Villa María, Gualey, Guachuipita, Los Guandules, and Villa Juana.

Brunching and taking the kids out for a walk

Although Sundays are days when the city’s inhabitants prefer to spend it at home resting, having to go to work the next morning, yesterday was an exception.

Contrary to this, many decided to go with their families to the Colonial Zone to have brunch and take the children for a walk.

This was the case of young Raysa Pimentel, who decided to rent a bicycle for two to please her little one. However, she made a clarification to reporters. “It wasn’t the plan, we were going to the beach, but the day got rainy, we didn’t see the weather before planning and that’s why we are here,” said Pimentel.

Also, around noon, Francisco Almonte was sitting with his daughters and wife at one of the restaurants in front of Parque Colón, enjoying live music.

“I like to spend time with my daughters and my wife here, quietly, talking and listening to the live instruments (guitar, güira, drums, trumpet, saxophone, among others that were played by the classes of the Escuelita de Música del Parque Colón),” said Almonte.

Dozens of children were running after the pigeons in Colon Park, and some merchants took advantage of the occasion to sell toys to parents for them.

In addition, the Catedral Primada de América, or Basílica Menor de Santa María de la Encarnación, was with its doors open receiving visitors from different countries, who were taking pictures on its façade.

Dominoes and fun in grocery stores

After midday, in the populous neighborhoods of the capital Villa Juana, there were citizens playing Dominoes on the sidewalks of their houses, with music and having a few drinks.

One man, known as “El Ilustre” in Los Guandules, commented that they would play a few more games to “start the engines,” but then they would move on to places of entertainment.

However, others assured that they would stay the whole day without moving somewhere due to lack of money because “January has been a month of many expenses.”

Neighbors of a popular neighborhood in Santo Domingo playing a game of dominoes. / Jorge Martinez

“January is loaded, too many long weekends, the money is low for the boys, we are not going to move from here to anywhere, so we also take advantage to share more among us,” said Henry Rodríguez, while placing a Domino piece on top of the board in Gualey.

Others were, for example, on their way to San Pedro de Macorís to visit their relatives for a holiday. This was the case with Robert Campusano in Villa Juana. There, a sancocho was waiting for them, and they were going to share to take advantage of the holiday.

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