Local January 31, 2023 | 1:14 pm

Dominican teens found dead in plane landing gear

Kivens Yaisen, 15, and Fernando González, 14, both from the Dominican Republic, left their homes on December 31. They were discovered inside an Avianca airliner’s landing gear on January 7 at the El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá, Colombia. On January 5, their families reported them missing to the National Police, and on January 13 the authorities informed their families that they were discovered dead on the aircraft. Fernando González was the child of Gabriela González, Jean Philippe Lois, a Haitian citizen, and Kivens Yaisen, a Dominican and the son of José Yaisen José and Nadege Antoine, a Haitian citizen, who would turn 15 on February 10. A birth certificate proving his birth in Batey Los Tocones in San Rafael del Yuma was kept by Yaisen in his pocket. It was issued by the Civil Status Office of the First Circumscription of that municipality in the province of La Altagracia. He also had Dominican coins in his pockets.

The bodies are still at Colombia’s National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, waiting for the Dominican government to take the proper steps to repatriate them. The Vice Minister for Consular and Immigration Affairs, Ambassador Opinio Diaz, is currently abroad but will be back on Tuesday, according to Diario Libre, which consulted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the situation. “Ambassador Diaz is working nonstop in the United States and will be back the following day. Miguel Reyes, Diaz’s assistant, was told, “I suppose that upon his return I could offer him some official information on the matter.

The identification and location of the adolescents’ parents have been discovered thanks to the efforts of Dr. Lourdes Gómez, a forensic doctor who was approved by the authorities of Colombia’s National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences to request their collaboration in searching for “information on missing persons and whether two male minors of approximately 15 years of age had been reported” in the Dominican Republic.


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Paul Tierney
January 31, 2023 2:42 pm

This tragic and sad. These youngsters and adults do not know the risks of hiding in the wheel well of a plane, especially long distance international flights at 35k feet or over. The temperature can arrive to about -55°C / -67°F that combined with lack of oxygen is a recipe for loss of life.

May the youngsters RIP.

Maria Perez
February 1, 2023 1:16 pm
Reply to  Paul Tierney

It was 2 Haitians not Dominicans. I feel bad for the parents of these teen.

Maria Perez
February 1, 2023 1:16 pm

please make a correction of this article. It was 2 Haitians that were found dead NOT Dominicans. the surname are Haitians. the journalism on this website shows a lack of research. Please make the edits.

Mr. Sensible
February 1, 2023 7:31 pm
Reply to  Maria Perez

Gabriela González and José Yaisen José sure sound like Dominicans to me. With the same logic, my 2 daughters are Canadian…not Dominican.

February 1, 2023 8:36 pm
Reply to  Mr. Sensible

They confirmed that one of them was Haitian. Did you not know the crisis we’re having with Haitians stealing Dominican identities and how they change their names to pass as Dominican?

February 2, 2023 4:45 am

Doesn’t matter if the kids were Haitian or Dominican they left our country … in a plane
And died a very gruesome death because we couldn’t give these 2 youngster a better life …so they left at 14 yrlds … because they saw no LIFE for them in our territory this is sad not just for the Haitians but for the Dominicans who think they have it eny better … and in all reality we don’t …our government spends billions of dollars on hotels … while our youth is homeless and struggling… but no the Haitians are the problem … this is how Dominicans are kept blind the Haitians are our biggest problem …..
not the politicians stealing our country’s wealth Nd giving it to the huge corporations in the us.EU etc smh we need to wake up.
Not that Haitians aren’t complicating Dominican social services.

February 3, 2023 2:11 am
Reply to  Drzfinest

Yeah, the Dominican government is also spending $300 million dollars on Haitian women giving birth in our hospitals, and another $100 million on public education on illegal Haitian youth every year which aren’t being invested in Dominican youth. The Haitians ARE our biggest problem.

Stop being ignorant. The Dominican government is being bullied by the U.S., Canada, and France to keep supporting millions of illegal Haitians who then turn and call us racist, instead of pressuring Haitians to get their act together and fix their own country. Now we’ve inherited a cholera outbreak from Haiti, more Dominicans keep going missing and falling victim to human trafficking and kidnappings, Haitians keep breaking into national parks and protected areas to violate them and cut down trees, build houses, defecate in those areas.

These two were Haitian descent, and the one that’s “Dominican” just has Dominican papers. Colombian authorities said they both looked Haitian. Haitians keep using DR as a bridge to get to PR and other places and keep taking infants in those dangerous journeys.

HAITIANS ARE OUR BIGGEST PROBLEM. Haiti’s instability is affecting our own social and economic stability.

February 3, 2023 2:59 pm
Reply to  Esther

Well then is time to break those chains the U.S has on our country … ready for the next u.s invasion …? Bet we aren’t! with the new wars forming now our country is a huge strategic location for the us , China , Russia …
But the us has so much influence in our land from the money we get ….basecally our whole economy is based on the U.S dollar. We stop obeying them they will come down with their fancy Southern Command and re invaded us
If aren’t already we keep talking about the Haitians but our country is full of Americans / Europeans buying all of our land …
While Dominicans have to leave to find better here are these people coming to our land basecally displacing our people to build their fancy cabanas which am not fully against but dam we need to make those cabanas more affordable to our people is all am saying god bless you and thank you for the conversation dios patria y Libertad.
And I some what agree to your point about the Haitians abusing our services but remember to always be respectful and have love and dignity for others no matter who they are or we’re they come from once a haitian is in our land we must provide these humanitarian services not because the U.N is forcing us but because Dominicans are people of love and kindness butt … our country can only take so much my personal opinion dr is looking more like Haiti every day our whole countries identify is being lost just saying.

Last edited 1 year ago by Drzfinest
Pat king
February 4, 2023 11:32 pm
Reply to  Esther

Just to add all the money American citizens is spending on Dominicans in the USA.

February 15, 2023 1:58 pm
Reply to  Esther

Shame on you Esther. You are ignorant, and are “drinking the Dominican coolade”. God does not see the divide you approve of.