Local February 6, 2023 | 7:58 am

“Lost” in the National Congress the law that would guarantee three causes of abortion

The Special Law that would regulate abortion is “lost” in the National Congress, where the debate over the Criminal Code has resumed without the inclusion of the contentious “three causes.” Instead of being included in the Criminal Code, as the current government promised during the campaign, the possibility of allowing abortion in cases of infeasibility, the risk to the mother, or rape would rely on the Special Law for the voluntary interruption of pregnancy for exceptional reasons, a proposal that has made no progress in five years of being submitted to the National Congress.

This piece has expired several times and is being sent to two commissions that have expired since December to present a report. The Chamber of Deputies sent the special law to the Health and Justice commissions on November 22, but the deadline for submitting a report had passed, and the president of the Justice Commission, Alexis Jiménez, said that he had not seen it because he did not know who was in his court.

Similarly, Francisco Ayala, president of the Health Commission, stated about the initiative, “It has not reached the commission.”


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Paul Tierney
February 6, 2023 8:43 am

The law was lost on purpose.