Health February 7, 2023 | 1:01 pm

SNS denies reuse of syringes in the Valverde hospital and the entire Public Network

The National Health Service categorically denied that syringes were being reused to administer medications to patients at the Luis L. Bogaert Hospital in Valverde or anywhere else in the Public Health Services Network. Newton Solano, the health center’s director, confirmed that he uses a process of optimizing supplies and medicines, “as provided for the entire Public Network,” so that it is dispatched based on the number of patients admitted, usually doubling figures to account for unforeseen events. “It is a false complaint; reusing syringes is never permitted, and it is the nurses who remove the sealed syringes from the warehouse and place the medicines on the patients,” Dr. Solano said. He explained that he has established controls to avoid waste of supplies and medicines and that the hospital has a 24-hour pharmacy service for the first time. “As a result, if any input runs out, it is dispatched immediately,” he assured.

The doctor reiterated that the Bogaert Hospital, a Cibao Occidental Regional Health Service (SRSCO) center, has all of the necessary supplies to respond to users who seek health care at that facility. Similarly, he stated that the operating room is at total capacity, that “more surgeries are being performed than ever,” and that it has been strengthened with previously unavailable services such as laparoscopy, urological, and endoscopic surgery. Finally, Ramón Rodrguez, the director of the Western Cibao Regional Health Service, stated that Dr. Solano has proven to be a director committed to management who has made every effort to provide quality services to his patients.

Concerning the other complaints from the Nursing union, the SNS stated that they are being investigated, even though it believes some are unfounded, and that the entity is working hard, hand in hand with a dedicated team, to improve the health of the country, and that changes will be made. 


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randy cain
February 9, 2023 7:58 am

i have seen first hand unbelievable conditions at hospitals here in the dr. one time a patient was all busted up from a motor cycle accident and he laid in the hall way with no pain medication, no doctor or nurse, an unbelievable sight.